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Submissions and Guidelines




Submissions may appear in any of our publications and may be reprinted in the future. Nocturna Press Quarterly is intended to be issued during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons in digital and print formats. We are seeking submissions of the following for possible publication in any future publication:

Poetry of 10-300 words

Micro Fiction of up to 100 words
Flash Fiction and Short Stories of 500-3000 words

Seasonal Recipes

Note: These limits do not apply to works submitted for inclusion in anthologies or individual books.


We will consider fantasy or romance works including but not limited to the following sub-genres:


Erotica (medium steam level for magazine submissions, higher for books)

Proudly, the characters in our publications are of multiple ethnic origins and body shapes and sizes. We are interested in considering material which is not purposefully limited in these areas. We are eager to publish highly-romantic works featuring diverse couples of all genders and relationship types.

For a detailed listing of themes we do and do not publish, visit the Nocturna Press site to review the book publishing guidelines.


We do not accept works previously published elsewhere online or in print. We do not claim exclusive rights to publish your work, however do reserve First North American Serial Rights (FNASR) as the first publisher of your work and the right to reprint the submitted work in future magazines or promotional materials. 

We will state within the magazine that works found within our magazine(s) are not to be reprinted or published elsewhere without the author’s express written consent, and that the author has the right to submit for publication elsewhere at his or her own discretion, giving credit to the Nocturna title in which the work appeared as the first publication in which the work appeared.


By submitting your work for consideration you agree that Nocturna Press may publish your work any number of times in future issues of our magazine(s) or in promotional materials. The initial fee paid is a one-time payment only. No further remuneration will be made even if we publish the work again.

If your submitted work has been published previously, please do not submit.

We reserve the right to edit your submission to correct general errors before publication. We must decline works which have excessive errors.

Payment Schedule

Authors will receive a one-time payment for the use of accepted works. Payment will be made in USD by check only. The current fee schedule is as follows and is subject to change:

Seasonal Recipes $10; Poetry and Micro Fics $25; Flash Fiction and Short Stories $50 or $0.05/word, whichever is greater. You may submit multiple works for consideration. We might select more than one piece by the same author for the same publication.



Regrettably, we cannot answer or accept all inquiries or submissions. You will be notified if we choose your work for publication and payment will be issued at that time. Please only submit once per title.

Email submissions in .doc or .pdf format to: Include your full legal name, phone number, email address, and pseudonym if you prefer to use one. Legal name and address are required for copyright protection and payment information.

Submissions not accepted will be deleted from our servers for your protection.

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